Why Pyramid 2018?

The next generation of self-service analytics

Pyramid 2018 is the engine of your organization’s enterprise analytics deployment. It propels your strategic data vision and cultivates analytics excellence throughout your organization. It represents the convergence of aesthetics, flexibility, and genuine utility. It was built from the ground up to be the first truly collaborative, universal enterprise analytics environment. Pyramid 2018 is the next generation of self-service analytics.

That’s why we call it the Analytics OS.

Analytic excellence

Pyramid 2018 provides self-service analytics for everyone

Pyramid 2018 is an enterprise-level BI application that lets end users conduct high-end analytics and data science without IT help—on any browser or device.The following table shows an at-a-glance comparison of Pyramid 2018 and legacy platforms across several key features.

Feature The Wrong Way Pyramid 2018
Report Bursting Reports not dynamically tied to underlying data Fully integrated reporting and bursting engine
High-End Analytics Require scripting and IT support WYSIWYG logic creation against data sources
End User Data Prep Third-party tools designed for IT pros End-user data prep
Machine Learning Machine learning applied to aggregated data Machine learning at the grain
Model in Apache Hadoop Bring Big Data to your desktop Model directly on Apache Hadoop
Smart Discovery Hard to get started with analysis One-click models automatic report generation
Strategic Alignment

Pyramid 2018 aligns with your enterprise data strategy

Pyramid 2018 is an enterprise-level BI application that allows data leaders to implement and manage their analytic strategies.The following table shows an at-a-glance comparison of Pyramid 2018 and legacy platforms across several key enterprise features.

Feature The Wrong Way Pyramid 2018
Resources Consolidation Proprietary models and siloed data Create and store models in existing systems
Governance/Transparency Confusing content management Robust lineage, versioning, and collaboration
Machine Learning Limited machine learning on aggregate data Apply machine learning at the grain
Client Provisioning Inefficient provisioning processes Auto-provisioning
Deployment Type Desktop installs or legacy interfaces Access on Windows, Mac, and Linux (+ mobile)
Versioning No centralized CMS/administrative controls Save logic as a first-class citizen, tied to the data

Key questions

We understand that when it comes to your analytics investments, you have a lot of choices. In a crowded BI field, it’s often hard to spot the differences between vendors. Beneath the marketing gloss, there are clear differences between Pyramid 2018 and the rest of the field. So what sets Pyramid 2018 apart from other providers?

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