Subscription Licensing

Pricing Model

Standard pricing is determined by 3 elements: the type of edition/server, the type of seats and the level of support.

Server Type

Pyramid 2018 is available in 3 editions: Community, Standard and Enterprise.

  • Community is a free, single-server edition with a seat limit of 3 Pro users. It offers most of the capabilities of the other editions including content sharing.
  • Standard is a single-server edition with a seat limit of 100 Pro or Viewer users. Standard provides Tablet, Mobile Phone Access, and standard geospatial mapping capabilities.
  • Enterprise is a multi-server edition with an unlimited seat limit and the ability to scale up and out.  Enterprise provides Tablet, Mobile Phone Access, standard Mapping capabilities as well as Publisher Report Bursting for platform users.

Seat Type

There are two seat types available for Pyramid 2018:

  • Professional seats have full access to all Pyramid 2018 modules: Model, Discover, Present, Publish, Administer, Content Management, Formulate, and Illustrate. The abilities including creating and building content and models as well as viewing, sharing and printing content.
  • Viewer seats can only view and interact with content created by Pro users. Content is limited to Discover reports and visualizations, Present dashboards and rendered output from Publish (like PDF documents and Word files).

Support Level

There are four support levels for Pyramid 2018: Free, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

  • Free: Online tutorials, online help, and access to the Pyramid Analytics community forum
  • Silver: Free benefits + online support tickets
  • Gold: Silver benefits + phone support
  • Platinum:  Gold benefits + priority support

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Pricing Logic

All seats are priced per user per month. Each Enterprise Pro seat includes a free viewer seat (up to 50). Support is also priced per user per month, with a minimum package fee per month, regardless of the number of seats. All subscription contracts are a minimum of 12 months. 
Contact sales for longer subscription terms and special pricing options for volume discounts and other product capabilities.

Co-terminating Subscriptions

To simplify subscriptions upgrades, all changes to an existing subscription plan operate off the co-terminating model. When an existing plan is upgraded, the value of the unused segment of a current subscription will be credited to the new plan.