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Self-service BI is a vital aspect of enterprise analytics. Despite claiming to support the needs of business users, they merely give users the tools to conduct their own data discovery but then set them adrift—without guidance, without supervision, and without proper data. Left to their own devices, business users struggle to produce meaningful analysis; or worse, begin to manufacture different versions of the truth.

Pyramid 2018 is easy to use and requires no more than a curious mind. It is designed with collaboration in mind, and places business users within a greater analytics community where they can learn, explore, and ultimately grow their ability their ability to understand their data. In short, it provides business users with a true framework for success.

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Discovery Requires Basic Data Analysis Skillset

Use Smart Discovery to generate useful data visualizations automatically

Not only does data discovery require basic working knowledge of analysis techniques, it often takes a lot of time for inexperienced users to build the basic data views. This often keeps end-users on the sidelines, or out of the game altogether. Worse, it forces them to rely on others to produce the analysis for them, or make decisions based on gut and intuition rather than data.

Sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for until you see it. Using Pyramid 2018’s Smart Discovery feature, end users can automatically generate dozens of data visualizations based on their data, saving hours of time and giving them confidence in the process.

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