Tapping into the potential of machine learning

Apply machine learning to all your data sources

Traditionally, data scientists have used standalone software tools to apply machine learning algorithms to their datasets. Now with Pyramid 2018, they can apply machine learning techniques to their data in the same environment that other analysts and end users are using. When analysis is conducted in the same analytic platform, there’s more opportunity for collaboration—and insight—across the organization.

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Prepare data for advanced data science projects

Prepare data for advanced analysis

Legacy BI tools weren’t designed with data scientists in mind. They often struggle to apply deep domain skill with advanced analytic and statistical techniques to real-world business situations. They spend an inordinate amount of time using point-and-click (Excel) tools that are manual and error-prone.  

With Pyramid 2018, data scientists finally have a BI application that lets them easily do what they do best: data science. This allows them to extract meaningful insights from data using data prep tools with machine learning and scripting in R and Python. And more importantly, it gives them the tools to reproduce results of scientific research, a vital aspect of any advanced analysis.

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