Advanced Analytics: addressing the problem

Understand complexity using sophisticated analytic tools

Advanced analytics can transform how organizations operate. But even those organizations seeking to be data driven have few employees making use of such sophisticated techniques. This often leaves complex analysis either completely neglected or inadequately performed.

Pyramid 2018 enables any user to put advanced analytics to work for them, making what once was the purview of a few the daily activity of the many. With a variety of no-code wizards and simple-click interactions, Pyramid 2018 takes care of complicated scripts and equations for you. Complex analysis is no longer intimidating or relegated to those with advanced technical degrees. Your team’s analytic power can now far outperform its headcount.

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Prepare Data Without Assistance from IT

Empower end-users with data prep toolset

Everything related to BI used to go through IT. As technology evolves and data volumes increase, traditional IT roles must necessarily shift to other engagements. That doesn’t mean they can’t give up their role as a key stakeholder. How can IT remain engaged without getting overwhelmed?

Data prep is no longer the purview of IT alone with Pyramid 2018. It includes an end-user toolset for data preparation and conditioning: a “business user ETL”. Apart from offering users a point-and click environment for fixing, conditioning and improving incoming data, it also gives the ability to schedule the data prep operations and blend structured and unstructured information in numerous ways.

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